Moshe Sipper

Smart Medicine is Our Passion

We aim to improve the practice, safety, and efficiency of medicine, through advanced, state-of-the-art, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and imaging technology

Moshe Sipper, Ph.D. ★ Founder ★ Professor of Computer Science ★ Renowned AI expert ★ Multiple awards ★ Numerous publications ★ 35+ years experience

Edo Y. Birati, M.D., FACC ★ Founder ★ Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine ★ Leading Heart-Failure Cardiologist ★ Chief, Cardiovascular Division, Poriya ★ Chairman, Cardiology, Bar Ilan University ★ 20+ years experience

Ofer Hadar, Ph.D. ★ Founder ★ Professor of Communication Systems ★ Expert, Image & video processing ★ Expert, compression algorithmics ★ Consultant to many hi-tech companies ★ 25+ years experience