Moshe Sipper


Can Daniel Max find the way home and, if he does, will his mom punish him for being late?A year after his father was taken by a mysterious smoke figure, eleven-year-old Daniel Max and his best friend Jake discover a secret gateway in their school’s back yard. The two, accompanied by Daniel’s annoying kid sister Dana, venture into an unknown land where they vow to help the swan king recover his beloved pet poodle. As they face many dangers — and make surprising new friends — they come to realize that their quest to help the king may also lead them to a goal far closer to their hearts: Daniel and Dana’s vanished father.​

“Move over Wonderland! Moshe Sipper has created a new land with enough adventure and intrigue for all. Daniel Max and the King in the Tower is a super fun read.” (5 stars) – Readers’ Favorite

“Sipper has done a stellar job of creating a fast-paced and very engaging fantasy that will definitely keep tweens on their toes. There are plenty of riddles to solve as well as new words to learn along the way. Closing with a cliffhanger, readers will be anxiously awaiting its sequel!” (5 stars) – San Francisco Book Review

“Sipper’s book is a fun and fast read and perfect for kids reading at the chapter book level. He sets up the story for a sequel (Where is Daniel and Dana’s father?) so enjoy this book this summer and keep your eyes peeled (not literally!!) for the next one!” (5 stars) – Portland Book Review